Who I am.

Hi. My name is Justin Kropp. I’m a designer through and through. Digital product designer if you’re more attune with the parlance of today. I do other things, sure, but most of what I do day to day involves practicing the discipline of design.

Aside from my work, I am an avid rock climber and cyclist. I also speak and write when I can. I do all these things from the scenic hills and mountains of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

What I do.

I design solutions that solve problems, big and small. Most of these solutions exist on screens, big and small. I like to make things that people use; things that help affect positive change, even if that change is tiny. I believe that pursuing this kind of work is a worthy goal for my design practice — or any design practice for that matter. I’m not trying to change the world, put a dent in the universe, or whatever the current idiom is. I’m simply giving my utmost to do good work, for good people, on projects that matter.

What I've done.

I've been around for a while (I'm old-ish). I was Senior User Experience Designer for a while at Fastspot in Baltmore, Maryland. After that I moved to Berlin for a while to work on Readmill as the Product Design Lead. Most recently I've worked with Automattic as a User Experience Designer and Product Lead. I'm a graduate of Maryland Institute of Art (MICA).

My writing.

My writing is intermittent at best. Often nebulous. I blame the latter on the former. I write because it helps me better understand and refine my practice. It helps me explore why I continue to practice design. I’m not a good writer. I don’t even particularly enjoy it, but it is a necessity. Over the years I’ve used my writing to connect with design fellows whose work and ideology I admire. I like questions quite a bit; answers even more. These exchanges will continue, along with some periodical ramblings. You can find some of my writing on Medium.

Say hello.

I enjoy meeting new people, even if it's virtual. I'm always happy to chat and answer questions. You can reach me at justinkropp@gmail.com.