I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about design as both a discipline and a practice. The former reinforcing the latter and vice versa. I try to engage in each daily — exercising the discipline to move the practice forward. To evolve. To get better. And with any worthy pursuit, failure is part of it. But the sticky part is that failure comes only after trying. Never before.

Failure is difficult to deal with, but I keep trying to move my practice forward because the rewards are usually worth it, the process is usually enjoyable – albeit a tinge sadistic – and it is my professional responsibility as a design practitioner. Were that drive to push forward fade away, I could no longer respectfully call myself a graphic designer.

Writing, being a core component in the discipline, requires just as much practice. But I fall short here. Writing is torture for me. My confidence wanes as soon as I sit down to write. I’m familiar with and comfortable navigating through the tools of graphic design: typography, color, composition, form, etc. Words are a primary tool set of writing, but they’re slippery to me. Elusive. I’ve yet to dedicate a lot of time to their exploration. This part of my discipline is lacking. I’d like to change that. I need to change that if I wish to continue to grow.

I’ve had a blog in the past, but more often than not it simply served as an annual opportunity to redesign, rather than an ongoing vehicle for exploratory discourse. So, with that, here’s to giving myself yet another opportunity to change that behavior and get some words down — consistently. No promises that I won’t slip, but I’ll do my best to get up and keep going. If you happen to find anything here valuable or something resonates with you, I’d love to hear about it. If you see an error, or just want to give me a bit of feedback or advice, I welcome that too.

Here’s to a well honed tool set.