Justin Kropp

Justin Kropp

I'm a graphic designer exploring the intersection of design and technology. I'm particularly interested in applying traditional principles of graphic design to create modern design interfaces. Since 2006, I have partnered with startups, nonprofits, universities, cultural institutions, and organizations to design successful digital products and services from a process that is driven by user research.


I am not an innovator or disruptor, thought leader or visionary, pixel pusher or creative.

In the race for status and recognition, money and reputation, process has taken a backseat to pretense. I am a thinker — a graphic designer — seeking to subvert this tradition and restore the creative process inherent to design. It is process, not product, that creates.


While my background and capabilities span various modes of visual communication, my core expertise and interests reside in the disciplines that surround the digital landscape.

I integrate user research and strategy into a conceptual approach to designing modern digital interfaces.

I am independent, collaborative, and partner with clients who understand and advocate for the power of design.


If you're interested in discussing a project or collaboration, or just simply want to get in touch, you can reach me at justinkropp@gmail.com.